Opposites (CD)

Opposites is the sixth chapter in Scottish trio Biffy Clyro's impressive catalogue of left-of-centre rock classics. With plenty of heart and melody, Biffy Clyro have amassed a growing legion of loyal fans with their achingly personal, edgy and complex rock anthems. For the band that are just as at home playing gritty pub gigs as they are headlining the infamous Leeds and Reading festival as they did this year, Opposites has seen them fulfil all their promise and potential and debuted at #1 on the UK album chart. The story of Biffy Clyro is as romantic as it is archetypal; however, it's a body of work that can only come from the shared human experiences - as uplifting and devastating as they can be - of these three uniquely interconnected souls. Biffy Clyro will head to Australia this summer to take part in the Soundwave Festival and they will most certainly rock all who witness them in all their sweaty, shirtless glory!

Get it For your dependents or siblings (with attitude) If you want to give a gift of pure quality, forget the crappy chocolates and go with Biffy Clyro this Christmas!

1. Different People
2. Black Chandelier
3. Sounds Like Balloons
4. Opposite
5. The Joke's On Us
6. Spanish Radio
7. Victory Over The Sun
8. Biblical
9. Stingin' Belle
10. Skylight
11. Trumpet Or Tap
12. Modern Magic Formula
13. The Thaw
14. Picture A Knife Fight

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