Bruce Dickinson

Singer, songwriter, pilot, author, fencing champ, air raid siren, force of nature: Bruce Dickinson is simply a man for whom many of the normal rules and restrictions of life do not seem to apply. Heavy metal’s premier Renaissance man is, of course, best known as vocalist and frontman with Iron Maiden, the greatest British metal band of all time and, some four decades after they originally formed, still one of the most widely adored bands on the planet. But as anyone that has followed Bruce’s story will tell you, singing with Maiden is just one part of his grand, substantial and fascinating musical life. Remarkably, given that he is just as likely to be found flying an airliner, Bruce has amassed a formidable catalogue as a solo artist, releasing six extraordinary studio albums that, at this point, represent his freewheeling efforts to date.

Contents : 

1 side loading box to house 6LPs

1LP 180g Gatefold – Tattooed Millionaire

1LP 180g Gatefold – Balls To Picasso

2LP 180g Gatefold - Skunkworks

2LP 180g Gatefold – Accident Of Birth

2LP 180g Gatefold – The Chemical Wedding

1LP 180g Gatefold – A Tyranny Of Souls

These have all been remastered by Andy Pearce & pressed on 180g vinyl for optimum audio.

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