Innocence And Wrath (2CD)

Celtic Frost

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Heroes of the extreme metal scene, there has always been so much more to Celtic Frosts music. From Morbid Tales, through to Mega Therion, onwards to Into The Pandemonium and finally Vanity/Nemesis, this is a band who refused to conform or follow any specific musical direction. They experimented, took risks and in the process have left behind a remarkable catalogue which is timeless and extraordinary. When you hear these albums, you appreciate why succeeding generations of diehard fans and cutting edge bands are so heavily inspired and influenced by Celtic Frost.


 Disc 1
 1.  Human (Intro)  

  2.  Into the Crypts of Rays  

  3.  Morbid Tales  

  4.  Procreation (Of the Wicked)  

  5.  Return to the Eve  

  6.  Nocturnal Fear  

  7.  Innocence and Wrath  

  8.  The Usurper  

  9.  Dawn of Meggido  

  10.  Circle of the Tyrants  

  11.  Fainted Eyes  

  12.  Necromantical Screams  

  13.  Jewel Throne  

  14.  Eternal Summer  

 Disc 2
 1.  Suicidal Winds   Emperor's Return EP

  2.  Visual Aggression   Emperor's Return EP

  3.  Mexican Radio  

  4.  Inner Sanctum  

  5.  Tristesses de la Lune  

  6.  I Won't Dance (The Elders' Orient)  

  7.  In the Chapel In the Moonlight  

  8.  The Inevitable Factor   Alternate Vox

  9.  The Heart Beneath  

  10.  Wine in My Hand (Third from the Sun)  

  11.  Wings of Solitude  

  12.  Nemesis  

  13.  Journey Into Fear   Emperor's Return

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