Fashionably Late (CD)

Falling In Reverse

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Falling In Reverse are a force of nature, a scene band poised to break out of that scene and into the hearts of anyone who likes loud guitar and rock swagger.

Fronted by charismatic singer and songwriter Ronnie Radke, Falling In Reverse have taken themselves to the next level and beyond with Fashionably Late, an album that combines their classic hard-edged sound with pop, EDM and even some hip-hop influences. One listen to first single "Alone" tells the whole story: a huge electrohouse opening, followed by Ronnie's flowing rap verses, and a huge singalong pop chorus, with a breakdown straight out of the Lil Wayne playbook closing things down.

Produced by Elvis Baskette, who helmed the band's best-selling debut, and mixed by Grammy-winning pop mastermind Chris Lord Alge (U2, Green Day, Paramore, My Chemical Romance), Fashionably Late is the moment we've seen for bands like My Chemical Romance and Paramore: when a scene band steps into the spotlight and becomes a worldwide phenomenon.

Mixed by Grammy award-winning Chris Lord Alge (Rise Against, U2, Green Day, Paramore, Deftones, My Chemical Romance, Muse, Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots).

Track Listing

1. Champion
2. Bad Girls Club
3. Rolling Stone
4. Fashionably Late
5. Alone
6. Born to Lead
7. It's Over When It's Over
8. Game Over
9. Self-Destruct Personality
10. F**k The Rest
11. Keep Holding On

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