The Nothing: CD + Digital Bundle


Receive the first single "You’ll Never Find Me" as a download instantly with all The Nothing bundle pre-orders. A full album download will be emailed upon release.

Release date: September 13th


  • Jewel case packaging with custom cardboard sleeve that contains a detailed raised UV gloss finish.
  • 8-page booklet with metallic silver accents and overall UV gloss.

Track listing
1) The End Begins (Explicit Album Version)
2) Cold (Explicit Album Version)
3) You’ll Never Find Me (Album Version)
4) The Darkness is Revealing (Explicit Album Version)
5) Idiosyncrasy (Explicit Album Version)
6) The Seduction Of Indulgence (Explicit Album Version)
7) Finally Free (Album Version)
8) Can You Hear Me (Album Version)
9) The Ringmaster (Explicit Album Version)
10) Gravity Of Discomfort (Album Version)
11) H@rd3r (Explicit Album Version)
12) This Loss (Album Version)
13) Surrender To Failure (Album Version)

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