Plastic Planet (Vinyl)

Geezer Butler

Re-issue of the first solo album by Black Sabbath founding member and bass player; Geezer Butler. Originally released in 1995 under the name g/z/r, Plastic Planet features Burton C. Bell of Californian industrial / groove metal pioneers Fear Factory on vocals and is considered a classic of 90s metal. The album perfectly melded Geezer’s roots in doomy blues rock to the industrial influenced metal sound that was a key element in pushing the genre forward in the nineties. Available for the first time ever on vinyl with both CD and LP using the newly updated cover artwork.

Release date: 30th October, 2020


Catatonic Eclipse
Drive Boy, Shooting
Giving Up the Ghost
Plastic Planet
The Invisible
Séance Fiction
House of Clouds
Detective 27
Cycle of Sixty

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