Five (CD)

Hollywood Undead

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For Hollywood Undead, the number five holds a deep significance. Humans have five senses, five points adorn a star, five represents man in theology. For the five members, the number perfectly encapsulates their fifth full-length offering — FIVE.

“We’re five brothers, and this is our fifth record,” outlines vocalist Johnny 3 Tears. “Nothing gets to the essence of the music like this number does. Numerology has a lot of power. When we said Five, it just made sense. The fact that we could all agree on one word codifies who we are. It also nods back to ‘No. 5’ from our first album, because it was our fifth song. Moreover, it hints at this secret society of fans supporting us for the past decade. The number is significant, and this is a significant moment for us.”



“It dissects both sides of California,” guitarist J-Dog reveals. “You’ve got the glitz, glamour, sun, and surf. Then, you’ve got the super f–ked side of people not being able to afford rent, celebrities being a–holes, and that fake façade. We wanted to do a heavy song with a Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque chorus. It’s an old school vibe explored in a new way.”

  1. Pray (put em in the dirt)
  2. Black Cadillac (feat. B-Real)
  3. Renegade
  4. Nobody’s Watching
  5. Broken Record
  6. Ghost Beach
  7. Bad Moon
  8. Whatever It Takes
  9. Your Life
  10. Bang Bang
  11. We Own The Night
  12. Riot
  13. Cashed Out
  14. California Dreaming

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