Beyond The Flames: Home Video Part II (BLU/CD)

Killswitch Engage

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ALBUM RELEASE DATE: 25th November, 2017

Beyond The Flames: Home Video Part II is a treasure trove of gripping content containing over 3 ½ hours of footage that is sure to delight KsE fans.  At the heart of this release is a 75-minute documentary that chronicles the return of original vocalist Jesse Leach, after nearly a decade of being apart, to the band he helped form back in 1999.  The piece also takes a close look at the KsE early years that eventually led to Leach’s initial departure.  Produced and directed by KsE storyteller Denise Korycki, this documentary picks up right where their 2005 {Set This} World Ablaze release left off, revealing the untold rest-of-the Killswitch Engage story.

Additional bonus material includes music videos, unique individual band member profiles, outtakes, and a bonus audio disc of six, previously unreleased live tracks from the band's now- legendary 2014 "Monster Mosh" show in Worcester, Massachusetts. The track listing for the live CD is below.


  1. No End In Sight
  2. Life To Lifeless
  3. Always
  4. In Due Time
  5. My Curse
  6. The End Of Heartache


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