Against The Grain (Reissue)

Bad Religion

Against the Grain is the fifth album (and seventh release overall) by punk rock band Bad Religion released on November 23, 1990. This was the last album recorded with drummer Pete Finestone who left in 1991 to concentrate with his new project.
Track listing
1. "Modern Man"
2. "Turn on the Light"
3. "Get Off"
4. "Blenderhead"
5. "The Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking"
6. "Anesthesia"
7. "Flat Earth Society"
8. "Faith Alone"
9. "Entropy"
10. "Against the Grain"
11. "Operation Rescue"
12. "God Song"
13. "21st Century (Digital Boy)"
14. "Misery and Famine"
15. "Unacceptable"
16. "Quality or Quantity"
17. "Walk Away"

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