Don't Leave Me This Way (CD)

Ocean Sleeper

If you’re a big time Ocean Sleeper fan, this news should be welcomed with open arms but the boys have finally announced their debut album Don’t Leave Me This Way will be released on November 8th and they’ve released a new single from it called ‘Light In My Dark‘ which is emotive, raw and features some of the best melodic vocals I’ve heard in an Australian metalcore song this year!

According to clean vocalist Ionei Heckenberg, the new songs is about “losing someone you love, watching them adventure and explore the world while you’re stuck at home, hating life and dreaming of times passed by.” 

Release date: 8th November, 2019

Track listing

1. Sleep Life Away
2. Killing Me
3. Light In My Dark
4. Hate Me Like You Mean It
5. You'll Never Know
6. Awful Thoughts
7. Out Of Sight • Out Of Mind
8. Save Me
9. Running Through My Head
10. Better Days

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