Juggernaut: Alpha/Omega (Black Tee Bundle)


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RELEASE DATE: 23rd January, 2015

The album artwork reflects the story behind the Juggernaut releases, a tale of birth and re-birth with the first album (Alpha) sharing the origins of the main character and the second offering (Omega) sharing the gut-wrenching twists and turns the tale takes. Each release is housed an outer, die cut o-card with the band's signature P and three dot logo, which, once removed features a booklet cover from graphic novelist Justin Randall. Each album includes a 12-page booklet with numerous illustrations that add a visual layer to the conceptual albums. Track listings for the Juggernaut albums are:

Juggernaut: Alpha Juggernaut:Omega
A Black Minute (4:16) Reprise (1:25)
MK Ultra (2:50) The Bad Thing (5:54)
Heavy Heart (4:22) Priestess (5:04)
The Event (1:45) Graveless (3:56)
The Scourge (5:36) Hell Below (3:43)
Alpha (5:31) Omega (11;44)
22 Faces (3:52) Stranger Things (7:35)
Rainbow Gravity (4:39)
Four Lights (2:18)
Psychosphere (6:16)

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