Periphery IV: HAIL STAN


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  • Washington D.C’s cross genre prodigies Periphery have announced Periphery IV : HAIL STAN, their sixth studio album after 13 years together pioneering a combination of prog metal, metalcore and djent. Now fans will have another nine tracks to add to their list of favourites, starting with first single from the album Blood Eagle. Periphery have always pushed the limits and their last album Periphery III : Select Difficulty saw them hit a career high (and their first top 10) at #8 on the ARIA chart as well as a #2 on the US indie chart and a third consecutive top 25 on the Billboard Top 200. They also received a 2017 GRAMMY® Award nomination in the category of “Best Metal Performance” for The Price Is Wrong. In addition to selling out countless headline shows both in Australia and overseas, they stand out as the rare act who can share the stage with everyone from Deftones to Dream Theater. All Hail Periphery IV : HAIL STAN!
  • 1. Reptile
    2. Blood Eagle
    3. Chvrch Bvrner
    4. Garden In the Bones
    5. It’s Only Smiles
    6. Follow Your Ghost
    7. Crush
    8. Sentient Glow
    9. Satellites