Magma (Ultimate CD Bundle)


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RELEASE DATE: 24h June, 2016

Magma Ultimate CD Bundle: The Magma Ultimate CD bundle here features the standard CD version of Magma. The limited edition 52 hardcover book serves as a visual companion to Magma. It includes exclusive photos, sketches and artwork from the creation of the Magma album. It gives a unique look into the album through Joe and Mario Duplantier’s personal sketches and artwork. The exclusive ‘Mountain Eye’ T-Shirt was designed by Mario Duplantier and served as one of many inspirations for the album artwork. This bundle also includes a DVD and digital download (delivered on release day) of the band’s legendary performance at 2015’s Rock In Rio. A 1-time live stream never repeated again with the audio mixed by the band. What live streamed was not this audio mix. 


  1. The Shooting Star
  2. Silvera
  3. The Cell
  4. Stranded
  5. Yellow Stone
  6. Magma
  7. Pray
  8. Only Pain
  9. Low Lands
  10. Liberation

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