Mental Vortex (2018 Remaster) (Vinyl)


Release date: 29th June, 2018

Coroner’s fourth album, Mental Vortex was originally released in 1991 and is considered by many as their magnum opus. As the thrash metal phenomena was cooling down, the band strived to take their metallic dynamics in a more progressive and complex direction. The tempo slowed down across the majority of the album but in came a strong sense of melody combined with their signature time changes and individuality. This is easily one of the best albums the genre has to offer.

Track listing
Side A
Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis) (2018 - Remaster)
Son of Lilith (2018 - Remaster)
Semtex Revolution (2018 - Remaster)
Sirens (2018 - Remaster)

Side B
Metamorphosis (2018 - Remaster)
Pale Sister (2018 - Remaster)
About Life (2018 - Remaster)
I Want You (She's So Heavy) (2018 - Remaster)

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