Absolute (CD)

Kublai Khan TX

Texas Metalcore mainstays Kublai Khan TX will drop their brand new album Absolute on October 4 via Rise Records.

The band will also be in Australia during January 2020 as part of the Unify Festival! 

“Absolute is by far our greatest achievement in my opinion,” stated singer Matt Honeycutt. “It’s a perfect mix of each and every sound we have accumulated, all crushed into a single record. We’re extremely excited for the world to give it a shot and feel the energy we have created.”

“‘The Truest Love’ is a statement surrounding the cultural norm of the single-parent household,” says Honeycutt. “It challenges and questions what it means to be a man and still abandon a family you took part in creating. We hope it provokes thought and unfiltered conversation.”

Release date: 18th October, 2019

Track listing

1. Armor of Goddamn
2. Boomslang
3. Us & Them
4. The Truest Love
5. Self-Destruct
6. Lower Level
7. Cloth Ears
8. High Hopes
9. Beneath a Crescent Moon
10. Before It's Too Late

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