Acceptance Speech (CD)

Dance Gavin Dance

Returning with their 6th - and best - record yet, Acceptance Speech is the return of Dance Gavin Dance. The last five records have evoked non-stop world-wide touring stints on The Warped Tour, festival performances in and over the counter sales of in excess of 137,000 worldwide.

With chaotic yet beautiful guitar work, paired with driving drums and groovy bass their duelling vocalists are also equally responsible for Dance Gavin Dance's unique sound; Jon Mess' beloved, abstract lyrics are delivered in his signature rapid, crunchy manner and are complimented extremely well by Tilian's beautifully melodic soaring vocals.

"Acceptance Speech" contains everything the fans expect from the band, but the songs, chocked full of wit, cynicism and with a dash of the abstract, are their best penned and performed tunes to date. Through all the chaos, they've managed to deliver incredibly catchy, infectious choruses, with the loudest and smartest screaming parts they've ever produced."

Track List:

1. Jesus H. Macy
2. The robot With Human Hair Pt. 4
3. Acceptance Speech
4. Carve
5. Doom & Gloom
6. Strawberry Swisher Pt. 3
7. Honey Revenge
8. Demo Team
9. Death Of The Robot With Human Hair
10. The Jiggler
11. Turn Off The lights. I'm Watching Back To The Future Pt. II

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