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Tankard are a thrash metal band from Frankfurt, Germany, founded in 1982. Along with Kreator, Destruction and Sodom, Tankard are often considered one of the "Big Teutonic 4" of German thrash metal. They released their first record in 1986 and continue to write and record in the same vein: fast thrash metal songs about beer and alcohol. Formed by three classmates, bassist Andreas "Gerre" Geremia, guitarist Axel Katzmann and vocalist Frank Thorwarth.
Tankard still play to huge crowds globally and released their 17th studio album in 2017.

Track Listing:

  1. “Grave New World”
  2. “Minds On The Moon”
  3. “The Story Of Mr. Cruel”
  4. “Close Encounter”
  5. “Poshor Golovar”
  6. “Mess In The West”
  7. “Atomic Twlight”
  8. “Fuck Christmas”
  9. “Positive”
  10. “Hope ?”
  11. “Liebesspieler”
  12. “Pogo In Togo”
  13. “Hurra, Hurra, Die Schule Brennt”
  14. “Herr D.”
  15. “Sternenhimmel”
  16. “Konig Von Deutschland”
  17. “Elke”
  18. “Skandal Im Sperrbezirk”
  19. “Billiger Slogan”

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