Avenge The Fallen CD


Still on a natural high following a hugely successful two-year tour with the German metal veterans Helloween under the banner of the "United Forces" tour, that took both bands all over the world together, the award-winning Swede's HammerFall are back to avenge the fallen! 

"Everything is like it's always been", HammerFall's founder and guitarist Oscar Dronjak says with pride. He continues: "When I started HammerFall more than 30 years ago it was become no one played the music that I grew up with and was a huge fan of. If no one did it, it was up to me to do it and that's how it is still to this day. The music I write is the music that I love and believe in, heavy metal can't be faked and that's a fact!"

A fact as clear as ever before when HammerFall gets ready to unleash their 13th album "Avenge The Fallen" on August 9, 2024. 

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