Ballistic, Sadistic (CD)


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The legendary Canadian metal band Annihilator: Jeff Waters (vocals and guitar) Rich Hinks (bass), Aaaron Homma (guitar) and Fabio Alessandrini (Drums) will deliver their 17th studio album on January 24th 2020 via Neverland Music/Silver Lining. BALLISTIC, SADISTIC promises to deliver a full speed-metal aural assault that would have even the most fearless thrasher quaking in their white high tops. The album is comprised of ten tracks of pure Annihilating metal, produced, engineered, edited and mixed by Jeff Waters himself in his recording studio, Watersound Studios UK. The band will be touring Europe from October on ‘A Tour For The Demented 2019’ with special guests Archer Nation from the USA.



  1. Armed To The Teeth
  2. The Attitude
  3. Psycho Ward
  4. I Am Warfare
  5. Out With The Garbage
  6. Dressed Up For Evil
  7. Riot
  8. One Wrong Move
  9. Lip Service
  10. The End Of The Lie

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