Be Good (CD)

Off With Their Heads

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Off With Their Heads are back with their new album, Be Good. This is the seventh full length album from the band.

Young and the band members—bassist Robbie Swartwood, guitarist John Polydoros, and new drummer Kyle Manning—holed up for two and a half weeks at Pachyderm Studios, a mid-century mansion in Minnesota where Nirvana recorded In Utero, to make Be Good.

Be Good will be released by Epitaph Records on August 16 and if ever there was a time for Ryan Young’s distinct brand on cautious optimism, it’s now. Young says, “Be good, be loud—that’s sometimes all you can do.”

Track listing

1. Disappear
2. Be Good
3. You Will Die
4. No Love
5. Take Me Away
6. Tear Me Apart
7. Trash It
8. Let It All
9. Severe Errand
10. Locking Eyes
11. Death

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