By Night (CD)

Plague Vendor

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Plague Vendor are ready to release their third album, entitled By Night, a record that captures feelings of ruin and regeneration, of charisma and catastrophe and of slashing at the night with nothing but pure electricity.

Where 2016’s BLOODSWEAT ended with a to-be-continued moment and Blaine shouting Romance! into the silence, By Night ends with a second of feedback and noise. It’s a perfectly spent finish to an adrenaline rush of a record that asks, What just happened?

The album is called By Night, because as Blaine says: Nothing cool happens during the day. 

Track listing
1. New Comedown
2. Nothing's Wrong
3. All Of The Above
4. Let Me Get High \ Low
5. Prism
6. White Wall
7. Night Sweats
8. Pain In My Heart
9. Snakeskin Boots
10. In My Pocket

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