Chasing Ghosts (CD)

The Amity Affliction

Alternative Press named The Amity Affliction "A Band To Watch in 2012" earlier this year and the band has lived up to the accolade on their new album Chasing Ghosts.
From the first notes of the opening title track it's clear that the band has created an urgent and intense album. The album serves as an inspiring message of hope despite its sometimes serious and dark subject matter. Fans expect nothing less from the band who stormed through their native Australia selling out huge venues in support of their top 10 album Youngbloods. The band has now set their sights on the US and beyond.

Track Listing
1. Chasing Ghosts
2. Life Underground
3. R.I.P Bon
4. Open Letter
5. Greens Avenue
6. I Heart HC
7. Flowerbomb
8. Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice
9. Geof Sucks 666
10. Bondi St. Blues

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