Funeral For A Friend

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'Conduit' follows up 2011's 'Welcome Home Armageddon', an album which saw the band approach their music with renewed vigor following the addition of new members Gavin Burrough and Richard Boucher. This new album also features the addition of drummer Pat Lundy (ex Rise to Remain) following long-time drummer/vocalist Ryan Richards' departure earlier this year. "I think Pat's been the missing piece of the puzzle for us, his attitude and love of playing really brought a new level of excitement to the band. His playing live and on this record really adds a sense of power that we've never had. It became apparent that our relationship with each other was the strongest we've had in this band since the very first few releases and we knew that was special. We were all pulling for the same thing and we didn't care what anyone else felt outside of the five of us." says vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye. The album will feature 11 tracks and clock in at just over 30 minutes.

The Distance
Best Friends And Hospital Beds
Death Comes To Us All
High Castles

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