Crack The Skye (CD)


The metal titans Mastodon return with Crack The Skye, the eagerly awaited follow-up to the band's 2006 album Blood Mountain. 'Hopefully the album is a reflection of the emotional journey that we've sunk into it's creation. I would hope the listeners will reflect on some of what we put into it. It's not just seven songs, but an up-and-down journey. We've furthered our attempt to make a record that follows the steps of us wanting to trek through our journey, taking the most natural and brutally honest next step of Mastodon's evolution' – MASTODON


  1. Oblivion
  2. Divinations
  3. Quintessence
  4. The Czar - 1 Usurper / 2 Escape / 3 Martyr / 4 Spiral
  5. Ghost of Karelia
  6. Crack the Skye - (feat. Scott Kelly)
  7. The Last Baron


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