Dead Trees

From First To Last

From First To Last is now officially back after a three year hiatus with the return of guitarist/vocalist Travis Richter - who had left the band in 2009 - Matt Good, Matt Manning, and Spencer Sotelo, Periphery's vocalist, also now joined the fold and they were quickly off and running creating the highly anticipated new full-length album, 'Dead Trees.'

The group had a huge fire and passion behind them when creating these songs, which were all written and recorded with Taylor Larson's (guitars) studio. The end result was truly something magical and inspiring to say the least. 'Dead Trees' will capture the hearts and souls of FFTL's diehard fanbase, while exposing them to a whole new legion of followers.

Straight To The Face
H8 Meh
Dead Trees
I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good
Black & White
Back to Hannalei
Never In Reverie
2 11
I Dont Wanna Live In The Real World

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