Factory Reset (CD)


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Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer Tilian releases his brand-new full-length album, Factory Reset, via Rise Records. Tilian decided to write, record, and produce the album himself, eventually remotely bringing in drummer / frequent collaborator Kris Crummett to help button it up. Having full creative control allowed Tilian to experiment more than ever, and truly be himself in the process. This resulted in his most thrillingly eclectic work to date: a falsetto-laced brand of alt-pop that spans everything from trippy psychedelia and heavy prog riffs to warped hip-hop beats and dembow grooves.

Release date: 25th June, 2021


Holy Water
Caught In The Carousel
All I Crave Is Peace
Is Anarchy A Good Hobby?
Factory Reset
Act Out
Hands Around My Throat

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