Gates To Purgatory (LP)

Running Wild

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  • Selling over 235,000 copies Gates To Purgatory catapulted Running Wild to metal stardom in their native Germany and beyond.
  • This CD features the new and unheard remastered sound of the original debut album that put Running Wild on the map.


  1.  Victim of States Power 
  2.  Black Demon 
  3.  Preacher 
  4.  Soldiers of Hell 
  5.  Diabolic Force 
  6.  Adrian S.O.S. 
  7.  Genghis Khan 
  8.  Prisoner of Our Time 
  9.  Chains & Leather 
  10.  Adrian 
  11.  Walpurgis Night (The Sign of Women's Fight) 
  12.  Satan 
  13.  Iron Heads 
  14.  Bones to Ashes 
  15.  Soldiers of Hell 
  16.  Prisoner of Our Time 

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