Gravebloom (CD)

The Acacia Strain

The Acacia Strain's newest offering, "Gravebloom" doesn't disappoint. There's a noticeable evolution in the band's songwriting. They have clearly built on their past success and honed in on their craft, taking it to the next level with their brutal breakdowns, various time signatures, dark samples and the band's signature deep growls and screams. “Gravebloom" is an exciting step forward for The Acacia Strain. They've managed to take everything they've done in the past and expand on it without being cliché or obvious. Fans and critics are all anxiously awaiting this highly anticipated release.


  1.  Worthless  

  2.  Plague Doctor  

  3.  Bitter Pill  

  4.  Big Sleep  

  5.  Gravebloom  

  6.  Abyssal Depths  

  7.  Model Citizen  

  8.  Calloused Mouth  

  9.  Dark Harvest 

  10.  Walled City  

  11.  Cold Gloom