Homey (CD)


Music is art, and CHON demonstrate exactly how colorful their art can be, with their new album “Homey”. Some albums have the ability to whisk the listener(s) away to another place, much like a good book, film, or piece of fine art. CHON posses themagical powers to teleport listeners to a sunny beach, on a comfy lounge chair, under the shade of a swaying palm tree. Soak up the rays and get lost in CHON.


  1. Sleepy Tea
  2. Waterslide
  3. CHONxGoYama: Berry Streets
  4. No Signal
  5. Checkpoint
  6. CHONxLophile: Nayhoo (feat. Masego)
  7. Here and There
  8. The Space
  9. CHONxGiraffage: Feel This Way
  10. Continue?
  11. CHONxROM: Glitch
  12. Wave Bounce

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