Is This Thing Cursed?

Alkaline Trio

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Alkaline Trio Release First Album In Five Years, Featuring Lead Single 'Blackbird!'

Alkaline Trio fans have waited five long years for an album by the rock band, but that wait will soon be over...

'Is This Thing Cursed?' - their ninth studio album and out via Epitaph Records - follows on from 2005's 'My Shame Is True'

Alkaline Trio describes its upcoming album as a "cousin or sibling" to its 2000 release, Maybe I'll Catch Fire. "The songwriting process is almost like what it was back in the day," singer Dan Andriano explained in a news release. "We would just kind of write a song, be excited about it and move on. We wrote in that spirit in the studio."

He added, "I really feel like we made a record that the old school fans are going to dig."

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