Malice In Wonderland (Vinyl)


Hot on the heels of a successful, critically acclaimed new album Tattooed On My Brain and 50th Anniversary Loud and Proud! Super Deluxe Box Set in 2018, Nazareth reissue their album Malice In Wonderland on vinyl.

Malice In Wonderland is Nazareth’s 11th studio album, originally released in 1980. The album includes the key tracks ‘Heart’s Grown Cold’ and ‘Holiday’.

Track listing
Side A
1. Holiday
2. Showdown at the Border
3. Talkin' to One of the Boys
4. Heart’s Grown Cold
5. Fast Cars

Side B
1. Big Boy
2. Talkin' Bout Love
3. Fallen Angel
4. Ship of Dreams
5. Turning a New Leaf

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