No Substance

Bad Religion

No Substance is the tenth full-length album by the punk rock band Bad Religion.

Track listing
1. "Hear It"
2. "Shades of Truth"
3. "All Fantastic Images"
4. "The Biggest Killer in American History"
5. "No Substance"
6. "Raise Your Voice!"
7. "Sowing the Seeds of Utopia"
8. "The Hippy Killers"
9. "The State of the End of the Millennium Address"
10. "The Voracious March of Godliness"
11. "Mediocre Minds"
12. "Victims of the Revolution"
13. "Strange Denial"
14. "At the Mercy of Imbeciles"
15. "The Same Person"
16. "In So Many Ways"

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