Overnight Sensation (Vinyl)


Motörhead’s 13th studio album, ‘Overnight Sensation’ was originally released on 15th October 1996 and saw the band revert back to the three man line-up, with which they originally started. Overnight Sensation was the first album since Ace Of Spades to feature a band photo on the cover and musically headed in a heavier style than its predecessor, Sacrifice. The album saw the band chart in Germany for the first time in years.

Release date: 29th March, 2019 

Track listing

Side A
1. Civil War
2. Crazy Like a Fox
3. I Don't Believe a Word
4. Eat the Gun
5. Overnight Sensation

Side B
1. Love Can't Buy You Money
2. Broken
3. Them Not Me
4. Murder Show
5. Shake the World
6. Listen to Your Heart

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