Paid In Full (Orange & Black Vinyl)

Skull Fist

The FIST is the law! Canada’s most furious trio return with 8 groove bombs!

Toronto heavy metal overachievers Skull Fist have more guts and balls than the police allow. Since their leggy beginnings in 2006, dungeon keeper Zach Schottler and his ruthlessly shredding gang of reckless accomplices have released three archetypal heavy metal almanacs, eaten more dust than is good for their health, endured hardships (henceforth called shitty business partners) and propped up countless beers in countless bars in countless cities.

Now, after 15 years on behalf of steel, Zach Schottler is really turning up the heat with the uniquely titled "Paid In Full," a heavy metal wonder of the defiant middle-finger variety. With head held high, pockets empty and just enough gas in the tank to make it to the next show, Skull Fist have just officially won 2022. We say it like it is: don't mess with the fist! "Paid In Full" is heavy metal in all its glory and splendor, skillfully unleashed wide-legged. Written at home and recorded at Vespa Studios near Toronto, "Paid In Full" encompasses his sonic efforts of the past two years: tales of steel and legends from the underworld

Release date: 22nd April, 2022


Paid in Full
Long Live the Fist
Crush Kill Destroy
For the Last Time
Heavier than Metal
Warrior of the North

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