Past Lives

Black Sabbath

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Disc 1:
Tomorrow's Dream (Live 1973)
Sweet Leaf (Live 1973)
Killing Yourself to Live (Live in 1973)
Cornucopia (Live 1973)
Snowblind (Live 1973)
Children Of The Grave (Live 1973)
War Pigs (Live 1973)
Wicked World (Live 1973)
Paranoid (Live 1973)

Disc 2:
Hand of Doom (Live)
Hole in the Sky (Live)
Symptom Of The Universe (Live)
Megalomania (Live)
Iron Man (Live)
Black Sabbath (Live)
N.I.B. (Live)
Behind the Wall of Sleep (Lives)
Fairies Wear Boots (Live)

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