Reinventing Hell: The Best Of (CD)


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REINVENTING HELL - THE BEST OF PANTERA, a bludgeoning overview of the Texas titan's major-label career.FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY THIS ALBUM WILL BE RELEASED WITH A BONUS DVD featuring the best selection of video clips spanning their career. Including "Cowboys From Hell", "Psycho Holiday" "Drag The Waters" "This Love" and many more - including two live tracks recorded at the Monsters Of Rock Festival in Moscow 1993. PAL Region 0

Track listing

Disc 1
1. Cowboys from Hell
2. Domination
3. Cemetery gates
4. Mouth for war
5. Walk
6. This love
7. Fucking hostile
8. Becoming
9. I'm broken
10. 5 minutes alone
11. Planet caravan
12. Drag the waters
13. Where you come from
14. Revolution is my name
15. Immortally insane
16. Badge

Disc 2
1. Cowboys From Hell (Video)
2. Psycho Holiday (Video)
3. Cemetery Gates (Video)
4. Mouth For War (Video)
5. This Love (Video)
6. Walk (Video)
7. 5 Minutes Alone (Video)
8. I'm Broken (Video)
9. Drag The Waters (video)
10. Domination (Live In Moscow)
11. Primal Concrete Sledge (Live In Moscow)
12. Revolution Is My Name (Video)

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