Resurrection of the Flesh LP

Triumph Of Death

This debut live album is Hellhammer at its most primal and vital, alive on stage and a document of what extreme metal fans have witnessed across the globe since the band was founded. The album was recorded at three festival appearances during 2023 in Houston (USA), Munich (Germany) and Barroselas (Portugal).

Release Date 10th November 2023

1. The Third of the Storms (Evoked Damnation) (Live)
2. Massacra (Live)
3. Maniac (Live)
4. Blood Insanity (Live)
5. Decapitator (Live)
6. Crucifixion (Live)
7. Reaper (Live)
8. Horus Aggressor (Live)
9. Revelations of Doom (Live)
10. Messiah (Live)
11. Visions of Mortality (Live)
12. Triumph of Death (Live)

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