The Best Of Bolt Thrower (CD)

Bolt Thrower

Serves as a must have compilation for any die-hard Bolt Thrower fan or as a great introduction to the band for newcomers.

Featuring 12 tracks, which chart the development of the band from early punk-influenced recordings through to the more death metal approach of the later albums, including classics such as "…For Victory" and "Cenotaph".


  1.  Cenotaph  

  2.  Through The Eye Of Terror  

  3.  Lest We Forget  

  4.  Spearhead  

  5.  Destructive Infinity  

  6.  The IVth Crusade  

  7.  ...For Victory  

  8.  World Eater  

  9.  Where Next To Conquer  

  10.  The Shreds Of Sanity  

  11.  Forever Fallen  

  12.  Armageddon Bound  

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