The Best Of Deicide (CD)


A brutal introduction for newcomers and a must have for any diehard fan - this 12 track best of compilation spans the length of Deicide’s notorious and controversial career.

Featuring infamous numbers such as “Scars Of the Crucifix”, “Homage For Satan” and “Fuck Your God” - Deicide open fire on the senses with brutal anti-Christian ideology, a barrage of blast-beats and grimly direct riffing.


 1.  Homage For Satan  

  2.  From Darkness Come  

  3.  Scars Of The Crucifix  

  4.  Hate Of All Hatreds  

  5.  Desecration  

  6.  The Stench Of Redemption  

  7.  Walk With The Devil In Dreams You Behold  

  8.  Horror In The Halls Of Stone  

  9.  When Heaven Burns  

  10.  Fuck Your God  

  11.  Angel Of Agony  

  12.  In The Eyes Of God  

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