The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition - 3LP)

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance's seminal rock opera 'The Black Parade,' alongside 'Living With Ghosts,' an additional disc of unreleased demos and outtakes.

The new edition also includes 11 previously unreleased demos and outtakes from the original recording session with producer Rob Cavallo. Among them are "The Five of Us Are Dying," an early version of "Welcome To The Black Parade," and demos of the album tracks "Mama," "Disenchanted," and two versions of "House of Wolves." Five tracks ("Party At The End Of The World," "My Way Home Is Through You," "Not That Kind of Girl," "Emily," and "All The Angels") have never been released in any form.


  1. The End
  2. Dead
  3. This Is How I Disappear
  4. The Sharpest Lives
  5. Welcome To The Black Parade
  6. I Don't Love You
  7. House Of Wolves
  8. Cancer
  9. Mama


  1. Sleep
  2. Teenagers
  3. Disenchanted
  4. Famous Last Words
  5. Blood (Hidden Track)


  1. The Five Of Us Are Dying (Rough Mix)
  2. Kill All Your Friends (Live Demo)
  3. Party At The End Of The World (Live Demo)
  4. Mama (Live Demo)
  5. My Way Home Is Through You (Live Demo)
  6. Not That Kind Of Girl (Live Demo)
  7. House Of Wolves, Version 1 (Live Demo)
  8. House Of Wolves, Version 2 (Live Demo)
  9. Emily (Rough Mix)
  10. Disenchanted (Live Demo)
  11. All The Angels (Live Demo)

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