The Ethereal Mirror (Vinyl)


CATHEDRAL’S second full-length album in 1993, The Ethereal Mirror, with Gaz playing bass on all the tracks.

This release marked the band’s live debut in Japan and the loss of Mike Hickey to Carcass.

Quickly replaced by grindcore legend Scott Carlson (ex-Repulsion), Carlson’s role in CATHEDRAL became indisputably important; however, he never had the chance to play on an album.

Track listing
Side A
1. Violet Vortex
2. Ride
3. Enter The Worms
4. Midnight Mountain
5. Fountain of Innocence

Side B
1. Grim Luxuria
2. Jaded Entity
3. Ashes You Leave
4. Phantasmagoria
5. Imprisoned In Flesh

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