The Madness Of Many (Opaque 2LP)

Animals As Leaders

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Extremely "anticipated" doesn't even begin to describe feelings of ANIMALS AS LEADERS fans regarding the bands 4th studio album, "The Madness Of Many." "It's definitely an evolution of our band. It sounds like us, but it definitely sounds like we have evolved," says Javier Reyes of the follow up to their 2014 release, "The Joy Of Motion."

The album is now available on special edition opaque vinyl.


LP1 – Side A

  1. Arithmophobia
  2. Ectogenesis
  3. Cognitive Contortions

Side B

  1. Inner Assassins
  2. Private Visions Of The World
  3. Backpfeifengesicht

LP2 – Side A

  1. Transcentience
  2. The Glass Bridge

Side B

  1. The Brain Dance
  2. Apeirophobia

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