The Meaning Of Life


Tankard are a thrash metal band from Frankfurt, Germany, founded in 1982. Along with Kreator, Destruction and Sodom, Tankard are often considered one of the "Big Teutonic 4" of German thrash metal. 1990 saw Tankard unleash their fourth studio album ‘The Meaning Of Life’. With the new decade came a slightly different approach. It was still their trademark thrash but also interjected some melody and strayed lyrically from their beer soaked themes, but not too much so as to alienate their fanbase. This album was chock full of catchy choruses and buzzing riffs, thus cementing their fanbase further amongst the thrash fraternity.

Track Listing:
“Open All Night”
“We Are Us”
“Dancing On Our Grave”
“Mechanical Man”
“The Meaning Of Life”
“Space Beer”
“Always Them”
“Wheel Of Rebirth”
“Wonderful Life”

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