The Sin And The Sentence - Special Edition Boxset + T-Shirt (Limited Signed Card)


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This Special Edition Box Set comes in a 10"x10" keepsake box featuring The Sin and the Sentence CD, an enamel pin set of the song icons, an autographed 5"x5" band photo, 3 patches, and a collectible Gold Oni Skull.  You will also get an exclusive t-shirt that only comes with the boxset.


  1. The Sin And The Sentence
  2. Beyond Oblivion
  3. Other Worlds
  4. The Heart From Your Hate
  5. Betrayer
  6. The Wretchedness Inside
  7. Endless Night
  8. Sever The Hand
  9. Beauty In The Sorrow
  10. The Revanchist
  11. Thrown Into The Fire

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