Trust No One (CD)


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Following the success of 2013’s Billboard Top 40 and ARIA #14 Winter Kills, Devildriver spent the last 3 years writing and recording their most savage record to date. On their forthcoming record the band teamed up with producer and previous collaborator, Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse, Coal Chamber, Holy Grail) at Audio Hammer Studios. Trust No One features 10 ferocious tracks that snarl and snap their jaws on listeners with an infectious and unrelenting force.

Opener Testimony Of Truth is a catchy masterpiece comfortably nestled in between soaring guitars and massive groove, while insidious hooks refine eerie tunes such as My Night Sky.


  1. Testimony
  2. Bad Deeds
  3. My Night Sky
  4. This Deception
  5. Above IT All
  6. Day Break
  7. Trust No One
  8. Feeling Ungodly
  9. Retribution
  10. For What It's Worth'

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