Under Jolly Roger (2CD)

Running Wild

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  • A critically acclaimed album that has been considered a benchmark in heavy metal history and one where a new genre was born, pirate metal.
  • Under Jolly Roger went on to sell a quarter of a million copies worldwide.
  • The album that captured heavy metal fans imaginations everywhere around the world.


 1.  Under Jolly Roger 
  2.  War in the Gutter 
  3.  Raw Ride 
  4.  Beggar's Night 
  5.  Raise Your Fist 
  6.  Land of Ice  
  7.  Diamonds of the Black Chest 
  8.  Merciless Game 
  1.  Under Jolly Roger 
  2.  Raw Ride 
  3.  Raise Your Fist 
  4.  Diamonds of the Black Chest 
  5.  Beggar's Night 
  6.  Apocalyptic Horsemen 
  7.  Under Jolly Roger 
  8.  Raise Your Fist 

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