Wake The Dead (3CD)


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On December 16th UDR Music & Motörhead Music will release a special edition box-set containing The Wörld Is Yours, Aftershock and Bad Magic. These hugely successful symbols of the mighty force Motörhead was, until founder, frontman and legend Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister sadly passed away in December 2015, will be presented in a special clam-shell box, with the cover highlighting Lemmy’s famous doodles from those album eras. Lemmy would often sketch for fun, and he would also thumbnail sketch ideas for t-shirts and artwork whenever necessary; the main cover image highlights one of those rough-draft thumbnail sketches described. The box will also include a classic photograph of Kilmister/Phil Campbell/Mikkey Dee shot by renowned photographer Pep Bonet.


Disc 1

  1.  Victory Or Die 

  2.  Thunder & Lightning 

  3.  Fire Storm Hotel  

  4.  Shoot Out All Of Your Lights  

  5.  The Devil  

  6.  Electricity 

  7.  Evil Eye  

  8.  Teach Them How To Bleed  

  9.  Till The End  

  10.  Tell Me Who To Kill  

  11.  Choking On Your Screams  

  12.  When The Sky Comes Looking For You  

  13.  Sympathy For The Devil  

Disc 2

  1.  Heartbreaker  

  2.  Coup De Grace  

  3.  Lost Woman Blues  

  4.  End Of Time  

  5.  Do You Believe  

  6.  Death Machine  

  7.  Dust And Glass  

  8.  Going To Mexico  

  9.  Silence When You Speak To Me  

  10.  Crying Shame  

  11.  Queen Of The Damned  

  12.  Knife  

  13.  Keep Your Powder Dry  

  14.  Paralyzed  

Disc 3

  1.  Born To Lose  

  2.  I Know How To Die  

  3.  Get Back In Line  

  4.  Devils In My Head  

  5.  Rock 'N' Roll Music  

  6.  Waiting For The Snake  

  7.  Brotherhood Of Man  

  8.  Outlaw  

  9.  I Know What You Need  

  10.  Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye  

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