Death Or Glory (2CD)

Running Wild

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  • Running Wilds fifth album which proved to be their most successful album to date which includes the infamous track ‘Bad To The Bone’.
  • Death Or Glory also made the list of the 500 rock and metal albums of all time in Rock Hard magazine.
  • This version has been expanded to include two new previously unreleased tracks.


  1.  Riding the Storm 
  2.  Renegade 
  3.  Evilution 
  4.  Running Blood 
  5.  Highland Glory (The Eternal Fight) 
  6.  Marooned 
  7.  Bad to the Bone 
  8.  Tortuga Bay 
  9.  Death or Glory 
  10.  Battle of Waterloo 
  11.  March On 


 1.  Wild Animal 
  2.  Tear Down the Walls 
  3.  Störtebeker 
  4.  Chains and Leather 
  5.  Riding the Storm 
  6.  Bad to the Bone 

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