Morbid Tales (CD)

Celtic Frost

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The debut album from the band was released in 1984, and was quickly recognised as the work of agitated and agitating talents. This album was a huge influence on the burgeoning death and thrash scenes at the time. A masterclass of riff tirades and unholy sentiments. This reissue includes rehearsals from 1984 and the concept and art direction of the release was done by the man behind Celtic Frost, Tom G. Warrior. It almost seems churlish to regard Celtic Frost as one of the great extreme metal bands, because they were so much more than that. It’s better to hail them as among the finest extreme and experimental bands of the 1980s. Refusing ever to do what was expected or demanded, the band constantly changed musical direction, always brought in surprising influences, and kept people guessing as to where they might venture next.


  1.  Human (Intro)  

  2.  Into the Crypts of Rays  

  3.  Visions of Mortality  

  4.  Dethroned Emperor  

  5.  Morbid Tales  

  6.  Procreation (Of the Wicked)  

  7.  Return to the Eve  

  8.  Danse Macabre  

  9.  Nocturnal Fear  

  10.  Morbid Tales   1984 Rehearsal

  11.  Messiah   1984 Rehearsal

  12.  Procreation (Of the Wicked)   1984 Rehearsal

  13.  Nocturnal Fear   1984 Rehearsal

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